Electric radiator: How to choose the best models of 2022

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The cold is setting in outside and even reaching your home, would you really need an electric heater or changing your old models? You are in the right place ! Convector, fan, radiant, storage, soft heat… There is no shortage of models, for all needs, in all styles and for all budgets.

We have scrutinized the different models, taken into account their advantages, disadvantages, their aesthetics as well as their performance, their functionalities but also the essential budget. So here is our comparative review, with a selection of the best models of electric heaters.

What is an Electric Heater?

An electric heater is a heater that runs on electrical energy and therefore needs to be connected to a power outlet. Its basic heating element is a variable power resistor, depending on the type of radiator, different materials can then be added to improve inertia (heat retention) and/or heat transmission by conduction/radiation. The set is contained in a chassis in different shapes, sizes and aesthetics. The electric heater has multiple modes, features and built-in safeties aimed at making your use easier and making the device very safe while consuming as little energy as possible.

How to Choose the Right Electric Radiator?

We have already talked about the different types of heaters previously. The comparative table has lifted the veil on the advantages and disadvantages of each electric radiator, specifying the parts used and giving an overview of the price. So you probably already have an idea of ​​the electric heater that will suit your needs, but there are still a few criteria to consider.

The format of the electric radiator

Rather rectangular or square, horizontal or vertical, more or less fine, there are many formats of heaters to meet the needs and specificities of the spaces. For each room, examine the space available to accommodate a heating device, especially if it is wall-mounted. The goal is to find the location that will least interfere with the development and movement of people.

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You could for example exploit the underside of the windows with a low horizontal radiator or this cramped space between two pieces of furniture with a narrow vertical radiator. When square meters are lacking, everything is calculated and an extra-flat radiator will probably be better suited than an imposing model, even if it means installing two small ones rather than one large one to achieve the same power.

The power of the electric radiator

The choice of the necessary power of a radiator, whatever it is, responds to a pure mathematical formula according to the surface area of ​​your room in square meters (m²) or cubic meters (m³). Indeed, if the ceiling height is greater than 2.50 m then it is the volume that counts. Here are the first two calculations:

Side x Side = Surface, or number of square meters (m²) of a room.

Volume (m³) = Surface x measurement of the height of the room.

Calculations of area and volume of a room to determine the necessary power of an electric heater.

You are about to determine an average, you should indeed know that determining the adequate power depends on these data as well as several other factors such as:

  • The outside temperatures in winter and therefore the living area. La Plagne or Marseille, the need is not exactly the same…
  • The exposure of the accommodation: having a large bay window facing south will bring you natural heat on sunny days, unlike large openings to the north waste energy. In this case, allow 5 to 10% more.
  • Thealtitude of the accommodation : it is considered that the power should be increased by 10% as you go up in altitude, in increments of 500 m.
  • The quality of insulation, know that a perfectly insulated house can consume up to 40% less! (We go from 100W/m² or 0.4 kW/m³ for a moderately insulated house (RT-2005) to 60W/m² or 0.24 kW/m³ for a low consumption building (BBC) standard RT2012).
  • The comfort temperature : again 19°C or 21°C, that changes everything.

The calculation to determine approximately the minimum power required for your radiator is as follows:

Number of m² x 100 = power required in watts

Calculation of the power required for an electric heater

Note that it is always better to provide a little more to avoid a maximum operation of the radiator. You will preserve your appliance and make more savings with a slightly more powerful radiator that runs less often or at a lower speed. Similarly, for a large room, it is best to choose two medium radiators to ensure better heat distribution.

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Functions and safety features of the electric heater

This is one of the major advantages of electric heaters, they have many practical modes. The latter allow great ease of implementation accompanied by a certain freedom. The radiator is capable, with settings such as eco, comfort, frost protection or holidays, of adjusting its operation on its own from data pre-recorded in the factory, corresponding to reference values.

The possibility of programming your radiator yourself is a real plus, you can then precisely decide the temperature for each moment of the day and save valuable energy (and therefore money!). Thanks to the pilot wire or the connected devices, you can also connect all your radiators to control them on a central box or a connected thermostat. This is the ultimate, the great comfort of home automation! The connected radiator can also be controlled remotely, from anywhere in the world.

On board safeties, such as anti-overheating, anti-tipping and different levels of splash protection, make electric heaters the safest way to heat.

The style of the electric radiator As

you will see by browsing through our various articles dedicated to radiators, not all models are equal in terms of aesthetics, far from it! However, this is an important point when you are about to choose the heating that will sit before your eyes for years. After checking the main points, give yourself the pleasure of choosing the model that you like the most. The one that will match your decoration, that will bring cachet ororiginality to your room, unless of course you prefer the classicism and sobriety of a model with classic lines.

Radiateur électriqueElectric Towel

Radiator Water Radiator Or Electric Radiator?

It is not the same thing however these radiators can be complementary. Indeed, the water radiator is part of an entire hydraulic system powered and heated by a boiler, a heat pump or even solar panels. It does not depend on electricity, but on a complex piping network.heating solution economical soft heat provided you already have a system in place because the work is as important as it expensive. The connecting pipes may not run through every room in the house, so you can place electric heaters.

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With them no work to be expected, just an electrical outlet and possibly a few holes to hang on the wall. The auxiliary electric radiator can also be on feet, casters or simply placed on the ground. Depending on the models, this heater can be transported and/or operated outdoors. Question of comfort and consumption it all depends on the model chosen, however the cost of electrical energy necessarily comes into play, compared to gas, wood or fuel oil for the boiler. With a heat pump or solar panels, the bill drops drastically.

Mobile Electric Radiator Or Wall Radiator?

Analyze your needs as well as your possibilities when it comes to installing an electric heater. The portable heater is very convenient to use in several rooms at different times. Light and compact, you just have to plug it in, in short, child’s play! On the other hand, it will be less aesthetic, potentially in the passage with a risk of tipping. This is generally reserved for auxiliary heaters.

The wall-mounted radiator is more discreet and is not likely to move, so you will need to provide another one for other rooms or for your mobility. It can be used as or as the main heater, regardless of the room in the house.

The installation of the radiator does not change its power. On the other hand, you will be able to move the mobile radiator and/or direct the air flow to perceive the heat as quickly as possible exactly where you are, something impossible with a fixed radiator which will offer it a more permanent and homogeneous heat.

What Is The Most Economical Electric Heater?

It is indisputable, the most economical electric radiator is the dry inertia radiator, with some differences depending on the refractory material used. The accumulation model, scrupulously configured for off-peak hours , will be all the more so.

What Is The Most Efficient Electric Heater?

The most efficient electric radiator corresponds to the latest innovations by achieving the perfect compromise between power, comfort, practicality and economy : it is the double-core radiator combining the gentle and durable heat of an inertia system with the rapid heating radiant. It embeds a plethora of settings, programming and security to be always more efficient, safe and functional while reducing energy consumption as much as possible.

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