Connected thermostat: How to pick up the best models of 2022

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Are you really tired of spending your life turning the knobs on the radiator to adjust the temperature, turn it off or turn it on? This is indeed what you must do with a classic radiator to maintain a certain comfort while trying to save energy. If the acquisition of more modern radiators is a first step to set you free. The connected thermostat is the essential object for simply and easily controlling your entire heating system !

Its growing success contributes to the proliferation of models and the overall drop in their price. We have therefore sifted through the various connected thermostats available on the market in order to offer you a relevant selection, with devices recognized as reliable and practical. You should probably find the one you need there, to finally gain in comfort of life, while thinking of something other than your heating and the resulting bills…

What is a Connected Thermostat?

Home automation is now part of our daily lives and the connected thermostat is one of them. It allows you to keep a constant heat in your rooms, precisely regulated on a target temperature. The connected thermostat is above all extremely effective in saving energy. It automatically modulates the temperature, turning the heater off or on according to the saved program. All this works and is managed via the Wi-Fi network of your internet box, remotely, whether you are a few centimeters away or thousands of kilometers away!

How to Choose the Right Connected Thermostat?

The choice of the connected thermostat requires great attention on your part because certain points are essential for the installation and the proper functioning of the latter. We have therefore taken care to list all the criteria that you should absolutely observe before you start.

The compatibility of the connected thermostat with your heating system

It may seem obvious, if the thermostat is not compatible with your installation, it simply won’t work. Check the compatibility of the devices with your heating mode to obtain a first relevant selection. Rest assured, connected thermostats are devices equipped with the latest technologies and most are compatible with the majority of heating systems.

By going to the brand’s website, in the event that you cannot find the information directly on the product sheet, you will generally obtain all the information relating to the correspondence of the thermostat with the various heating installations. It is always possible to confirm your choice by asking the seller, including online stores, or by asking your heating specialist for advice.

The availability of the application on your mobile phone or your tablet

If most devices offer an application available on both Android and IOS, beware of the much more limited compatibility with Apple! It will therefore be important to check that you can install the application for your connected thermostat on your device. The presence of a management website makes your interface usable on more supports, however it is much less practical and especially less mobile if you use it with a PC/MAC!

The ease of installation and the ergonomics of the application

If you want to do the installation yourself, it would be better to choose a connected thermostat that is relatively simple to set up. Otherwise, you can always entrust this task to an electrician or a heating engineer. Beyond this initial commissioning, you will use theapplication or possibly the website dedicated to managing your heating system.

Even if an adaptation time is always necessary for everyone, some modules are more intuitive than others for the different settings and the reading of the many information available. Here, you will have to find the compromise between simplicity and functionality, necessarily the fewer the settings the easier it looks but it can also limit your possibilities.

The different functions and programs offered by the thermostat

If you want to get the most out of your thermostat, it must be able to be fully configured to correspond faithfully to your lifestyle. Otherwise you will come back to a classic thermostat that you will have to regularly modify manually. Even if you will always have the advantage of being able to do it easily and from anywhere, from your mobile phone, even if it means buying a new thermostat, as long as it gives you the maximum service!

It is impossible to mention all the features because they differ and can take different names depending on the devices. However, we will mention certain tools such as geolocation, the presence sensor or the open window detector which can send you very practical alerts!

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The diversity of automatic programs and above all the multiplicity of time slots and recordable temperatures for maximum customization are essential. The ability toregister multiple devices who can control the heating system is also extremely profitable if the members of the family come in and out at very variable times or simply not to depend on a single telephone for management.

Note that taking into account a multi-zone configuration and the ability toadd thermostatic heads will again allow you to obtain a more precise and economical heating mode. Finally, with access to theoperating history and consumption data, you will be able to track down any unnecessary consumption.

The connectivity of your Wi-Fi thermostat with other devices

This is the ultimate goal of home automation, being able to link your thermostat connected to the various voice assistants and to IFTTT will offer you endless possibilities. All connected devices will then be able to communicate with each other and you can give them orders simply with the sound of your voice. This type of complete installation is a certain luxury, but you will achieve an unequaled level of comfort, practicality and peace of mind. It should be noted, however, that this kind of equipment throughout the house requires a good internet connection and very often the installation by a professional because the network connection and their stability are not always self-evident.

A thermostat that can be managed in different ways

This is a point that may seem secondary, however if you suffer from internet cuts from time to time, it is wise to provide a device that you can manage in all circumstances. In addition to classic Wi-Fi, some modules offer you the possibility of making manual settings directly on the thermostat, of controlling it via a local wifi without an internet connection or, even if it is now rarer, via a link_.

thermostat connectéConnected thermostat

What is a connected thermostat used for and how does it work?

The purpose of the connected thermostat is to be able to modulate the temperature according to the needs of each room. Living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen do not need to be heated at the same time and at the same intensity. With the thermostat connected, you set the heating exactly to suit your lifestyle. You then benefit from the ideal temperature at all times wherever you are and without having to manually touch the buttons several times a day.

To do this, the device embeds a temperature detector also called thermistor coupled with a system controlling the heat production of your radiator. The thermostat is linked to your internet connection and your heating mode, because this system can work with an oil-fired boiler a gas heater, a pellet stove or electric radiators.

Once everything is coordinated, you will control your thermostat from your tablet, computer or smartphone (IOS or Android) using a dedicated application. Some models even allow the use of the various voice assistants available on the market.

The connected thermostat goes beyond the capabilities of the classic programmable thermostat because its intelligence is able to analyze different parameters to optimize your heating. In addition your recorded preferences and habits, it includes a geolocation, weather information and presence detectors .

Connected thermostats abound on the market today, this technology has made spectacular progress and continues to improve. The objective is clear: to save you time and ensure your comfort while making you realize significant energy savings. Your daily heating becomes more economical and ecological, favorable to your wallet and to environmental issues. In short, the connected thermostat fully meets the expectations of new generations.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a connected thermostat?

We no longer count the advantages of a connected thermostat, based essentially on the combination of comfort andeconomy, in other words what everyone is trying to do these days! With it, the temperature is ideal with even heat, source of well-being. Your electricity consumption can drop by 25 to 40% depending on the installation you have and the insulation of your home. You manage everything remotely directly from your phone or tablet, all very simply in real time or via programming. The radiators then operate without your intervention, guided by the electronic intelligence of the connected thermostat.

The main disadvantages of the connected thermostat are those of all new technologies. Namely a handling that is sometimes difficult for people who are less comfortable with computer and electronic systems. Problems with Wi-Fi connections or internet cuts can naturally disrupt the proper use of your connected thermostat. You should know thatin the event of a network interruption, the thermostat will continue on the saved program but you will no longer be able to access it remotely and modify the settings. If the breakdown lasts you will have to manually regain control of your heating system, which is of course always possible!

How to Install a Connected Thermostat?

The installation of a connected thermostat is not easy and yet it is a strategic point. It should generally be located in the main living room in order to effectively provide for your comfort.

Be careful, you must keep your thermostat away from other heat sources. For example near the kitchen the cooking appliances will come to disturb it, it is the same thing if you have a fireplace, a wood stove, an auxiliary gas heating, just like a large bay window facing south! Likewise on passage areas, such as the entrance or the hallway, which suffer from significant air movements affecting the proper analysis of the thermostat.

Ideally, your connected room thermostat should be fixed to the wall or placed on a piece of furniture at a height of approximately 1m50, away from any source of heat, freshness or drafts.

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Depending on the models of thermostats connected, you will also have a module to connect to your internet box, a box for your central heating system (just connect 2 wires) and you can add thermostatic heads to the radiators. If you already have a conventional wireless thermostat, communicating by radio frequency, be sure to choose a connected thermostat including a radio receiver. Ifyou have no access to the wires, this means that you have to open the boiler, it is best to ask your heating engineer to connect the device.

What is the price of a connected thermostat?

The diversity of thermostat models, heating types and installations makes it very difficult to really assess the cost of installing a smart thermostat.

Besides the price of the device that you can see directly indicated in this comparison, you must ask yourself if you need other modules to complete the device. Depending on the connected thermostat kits, you will need to acquire additional boxes or consider purchasing several thermostatic heads in order to be able to control your various radiators.

Finally, if you do not have the skills to install the connected thermostat yourself, you will have to call in your heating engineer and/or an electrician , which could increase the bill. This is how some will equip themselves for less than $100, while others will sometimes have to pay more than $500 to obtain a fully connected heating system. If this difference can lengthen the duration of the return on investment, the installation always remains profitable in view of the savings it can make you make.

Why Buy A Connected Thermostat?

The connected thermostat allows you to manage the temperature of your home optimally in order to save energy. In addition, the programming saves you time, guaranteeing you total freedom since you will no longer have to intervene on the buttons of your radiant heaters. Either you will let your usual programs run independently. Either you can take control of your heating system, at any time and from anywhere, via the dedicated application. In conclusion, the connected thermostat combines practicality, comfort and saving energy and therefore money!

How Can Thermostatic Valves Be Very Useful?

You will notice that many connected thermostats (Netatmo, Tado, etc.) now offer the combination of thermostatic valves. In this case the 2 devices act together in order to have temperature measurements throughout the house and not in a single main room.

Thus equipped, you will have the possibility of dissociating the heating, which can prove to be very interesting in the rooms and the bathroom. The need for heat is actually less there, especially if you also have a small fan heater for the bathing period.

The operation of these valves is very simple, once the programming is done they adjust the volume of water (depending on your system) in the radiator to control the heat production. For example, you can record an increase in the temperature of the room in the evening in order to enjoy a pleasant cocooning atmosphere. Once you leave the room in the morning, the thermostatic valve will take care of lowering the temperature. It’s the same thing in the bathroom that you can program warm enough to take a good shower before leaving for work or a good bath in the evening.

In this logic, thermostatic valves contribute as much to your comfort as to the reduction of your energy bill ! Autonomous thermostatic valves can also allow you to program radiators that you cannot otherwise control, such as the Eve Thermo.

In which rooms of the house should you install connected thermostatic heads?

Apart from thermostatic heads that work independently (Eve Thermo), this device is only of interest in adjoining rooms. The bedroom, the bathroom, the office… all the non-main rooms where you don’t need continuous heating. Insofar as the main thermostat is installed in the living room, you will gain absolutely nothing by adding thermostatic heads. As for the installation of the connected thermostat, the thermostatic valves have no more interest in the kitchen or the spaces of passages, because the measurements will be too much affected by a flow of perpetual hot or cold air.

Do You Really Save Energy With A Connected Thermostat?

We talk about it extensively during this article, if the connected thermostat is developing more and more it is indeed because it can make you realize significant energy savings in a period when heating costs more and more. more expensive !

Cruise control, now present on many vehicles, optimizes the power and operation of the engine to limit fuel consumption and make your driving easier. Well, the connected thermostat is a bit the same! All you have to do is set your preferred temperatures over different time slots and the thermostat will work with your heating device to provide sufficient heat, ideally regulated with the aim of consuming a minimum of energy.

Depending on the model, multiple features will complete the basic system to provide you with even more service, save you time and save you as much money as possible on your energy bill. The thermostat notably takes advantage of its internet connection to retrieve meteorological data. Helped by geolocation, it is able to alert you and increase or, on the contrary, lower the heating depending on your location. Here again the energy is optimized to its maximum, you are very warm when you are there and avoid any overconsumption in your absence.

The real savings will depend on several factors because the thermostat alone will not be enough :

– The choice of a good thermostat with practical, useful features and above all with an open window detector and a geolocation to receive alerts in case of forgetting!

Relevant programming according to your real lifestyle.

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– The presence of a consumption history facilitates adaptation and therefore maximizes your chances of saving money.

Stay within acceptable target temperatures, it is not because the heating is lowered to 15° in your absence that you can raise it to 24°C Ibiza style when you are there! Between 19 and 20°C is good, if you are really chilly, it is better to invest in an oil stove , it will cost you much less. Note that according to Ademe, lowering the temperature by just 1 degree can save 7% !

Improve the insulation of your home if necessary. Even without major work, starting by tracking down the air passages contributes to the preservation of heat. By adding a film to your windows and insulating seals, you limit energy loss.

By combining all these best practices, you can expect to save nearly 25% on your heating bills! The investment of a few hundred dollars for a connected heating system then becomes derisory and very quickly pays for itself.

What is Pilot Wire and how does it work?

You often hear about pilot wire about electric heaters but ultimately you don’t really know what it is. Unless you are an electrician or have already made this type of connection, it is rather normal!

This wire is in the same place as the other electrical connection wires and is black in color. It allows you to regulate the heat output of your radiator according to the planned programming. Even if it is not always used, it is in fact present on most electric radiators in France, even if they are already a bit dated, including the most basic radiators. Look at the control panel of your device, if you find an “Auto” or “Prog” position there, it is generally because the pilot wire is in place.

When the pilot wire is connected, all you have to do is select a set temperature on your thermostat and then you will no longer touch the radiator. The connection and your application take over by imposing on the heating the settings that you will adjust via your smartphone.

How to control the heating in several rooms with a connected thermostat?

Here we have two scenarios:

– Does your central heating include at least two heating zones? Then you can install one thermostat per circuit, with a multi-zone model.

– The installation of thermostatic heads on the radiators allows them to be completely individualized to manage room by room.

Does the Connected Thermostat Work With All Heating Systems?

Most connected thermostats work with individual heating systems such as gas, oil, wood or biomass boilers, heat pumps or underfloor heating. You can also use them to control certain collective heating provided you have access to a regulation module. Some models are compatible or exclusively made for electric heaters. Finally, thermostatic valves can operate independently or complete the device.

The compatibility of the connected thermostat is essential, you will have to pay attention to this point before your purchase. Do not hesitate to contact the retailer or visit the brand sites, they generally offer a list or a questionnaire to check compatibility. If the connected thermostat can match relatively old heating systems, it is undeniable that you will obtain better results with recent equipment.

Here again, depending on your heating appliance and the model of the thermostat, the latter may simply turn the equipment on or off, but also sometimes modulate its operation to obtain better energy performance.

Can we integrate a connected thermostat into a home automation environment?

Again, everything will depend on the connected thermostat model you choose. As soon as your thermostat is able to exchange with the IFTTT platform and the services of the various voice assistants, the link with multiple connected objects and home automation boxes is generally possible.

Is the Connected Thermostat Eligible for State Aid?

Equipping your entire home with a connect thermostat system and any thermostatic heads that go with it can still represent a big budget for the most modest families. Unfortunately the ” Thermostat boost with efficient regulation ” which granted a bonus of $150 for the installation of a connected thermostat by a certified professional RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) ended on December 31, 2021.

However, the various aids and bonuses changing regularly and possibly being renewed, we invite you to inquire before making your purchase. It is possible that between the time we write this article and the time you read it, a new subsidy could allow you to make some savings… The public service site is constantly updated and informs you about the various aids in force and how to obtain them.

What Temperature Do the Numbers on a Radiator Thermostat Mean?

Do you also fumble regularly with the button on your radiator? In fact, in theabsence of an electronic thermostat, you will generally be faced with a wheel indicating numbers from 0 to 5. The adjustment is then not very precise and it is difficult to know at what temperature we are really located, very complicated to hope to save energy. At this point, a connected thermostat would be very useful! However, we will give you the average values ​​corresponding to the different numbers:

– 0 ≈ 12°C

– 1 ≈ 15°C

– 2 ≈ 17°C

– 3 ≈ 19°C

– 4 ≈ 21°C

– 5 ≈ + 22° C

These are only indicative values ​​which may vary depending on your appliance, heating system and room configuration. The best solution is still to place a thermometer in the middle of your room to adjust your radiator until you reach a target temperature. It may take a few days to find the right setting, once you have it you will know where the knob on your radiator should be to obtain a comfortable atmosphere without over-consuming!

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